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Rockin' the Cause is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to helping others through the power of music.  Every year, we strive to use the power of music to bring people together to break barriers and make a difference in our community. We have worked through the Chime, (Children Having Instruments for Music Education) program and other organizations in our local neighborhood to distribute the funds where they are needed most. 

In our 8th year supporting our community, Rockin' the Cause has chosen to partner with Guitars for Vets.  We will be helping  veterans cope with PTSD through music.  Veterans shouldn’t have to face the challenges of PTSD in silence or alone. Through the teamwork and camaraderie of Guitars for Vets, they can join a community where they learn to play the guitar and find solace in the songs they love as well as the songs they have yet to write.

We are excited to share how Rockin' the Cause has helped and will help Valley View students in 2021/22:

  • Provided instrument, music books and instrument accessories for 10 new beginner band students

  • Spent approximately $1,000.00 repairing instruments for families that could not afford to repair refurbished instruments for assignment to students by fall SY 22-23

  • Enabled 30 band student between 6-12th grade, who could not otherwise, join the band program for 2022

  • Remaining funds will go towards private music lessons for these students during the school year

We Need Your Help - Together we can make a difference.  

Thank you in advance for your contribution!!

Donna Rice


Rockin' the Cause

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